Tool Selection and Support

Our goal is to make your technological systems and processes simpler, more productive and more efficient.

Starting with an in-depth analysis, we advise you on work stream evolution and related tools. Following a first budget estimation we offer you help in writing calls for tender, seeking valuable candidate partners and selecting final providers.

We lead you through tool and process implementation, taking a neutral stance that avoids vendors lock-in, leaving you with the insight and opportunity to make the right decisions. We simply aim at… simplifying your daily work.

We usually propose to work with open solutions (open formats, open source tools, open cloud solutions) that allow your business to retain mastery on its data and information. Our key added value is in-depth expertise in information management and up-to-date knowledge of efficient tools and methods.

Open Source Solutions

QSpin Experts strongly supports the actual trend toward Open Source Solutions:

  • QSpin Experts capitalises acquired experience of its consultants by developing tools and providing them to the Open Source community.
  • QSpin Experts supports the use of existing Open Source applications by providing the expertise of its consultants throughout the whole deployment lifecycle.


CUniversal tool for automatic HW & SW components testin

QTaste: Universal tool for automatic hardware & software components testing
More info:
DataSheet or Release Notes or Binaries
or DataNews article in French / in Dutch


Combined Project & Quality Metrics Dashboard

QSight: Combined Project & Quality Metrics Dashboard
More info:
DataSheet or SourceForge


​QSpin Experts is a small company, we can discuss directly with our boss, that’s important to me. I don’t want to get involved in a complicated hierarchy