Process improvement

Your projects are running late, budgets tend to be overrun, customers complain about quality or you just want to be more cost-effective? Process improvement is the answer: the way you work defines your results.


Dekimo Experts always looks at the complete picture of the process-organisation-tooling triangle. Our approach is based on proven models and standards like CMMI, ITIL and ISO 9000, that we pragmatically adapt to your specific needs. We can combine this with Agile methods (e.g. Scrum) if in line with your context, culture and objectives.

To be sure that we address the right problems and to learn what improvements are feasible in the short term without losing sight of the big picture, we can organize a process assessment/appraisal or a project audit for you.

Such analysis/diagnosis will reveal the strong points of your organization, as well as the weaker ones. Results are discussed with your management and will result in goals and priority setting for further improvement planning.

In case you’d like to have a first/quick idea of strong/weak points, we can moderate a self-assessment for you.

Project audit and risk analysis
Your project is running late? You have no idea what the status of your project is? You are not convinced that the project will deliver the quality your customer is paying for?

A Project Audit can make the status of your project visible and allow you to react in a proper way to put the project back on its rails. A Risk Analysis for your project or for your product will give you insight in the probability and possible damage of the major risks and the cost versus effect of possible actions.

Improvement project
Once the current situation is analysed and improvement goals and priorities are established, QSpin can help you with the organisation and tactical planning of the different improvement actions that are needed. Our experienced Process Improvement Project Managers are there to plan the actions, to inspire the people involved (your people), to control the progress and to report progress to your management.

Coaching & training
Looking for coaching or for a tailor made training?

We can offer such service in most areas of development and process improvement: requirements management & requirements engineering, project management, subcontractor or supplier agreement management, measurement & analysis, quality assurance, configuration management, testing or verification & validation, process definition, process management, peer reviews etc.

Dedicated solutions for your business objectives!

KPIs, dashboards and measurement
You want to know whether your organisation is on its way to reach its business goals. But without the right dashboard, it’s impossible to get reliable, objective insights. Our consultants help you define appropriate Key Performance Indicators and organise your measurement framework.


Quality assurance
Process Improvement cannot deliver a sustained result if it is not supported by an appropriate Quality Management. Process QA checks if the agreed way of working is properly followed and whether it is effective and efficient, while Product QA checks if the appropriate standards, guidelines etc are met.

We provide operational QA team members as well as experienced Quality Managers and we can help you to set up a continuous change or improvement management loop.

Process modeling and process definition
We have senior experts in most of the different improvement areas like Requirements Management and Engineering, Project Management, Supplier Agreement (Subcontract) Management, Configuration Management, Risk Analysis etc.

They can coach your people to improve their effectiveness and efficiency. These coaches can document and roll-out the processes (way of working) for you. You will not end up with another shiny Q-manual in one or other closet, but new/improved processes actually will be used by your people, as we do involve your people from day one on and we will reuse existing material where suitable.

Business & organisational excellence
Our business/organisational consultants can help you on your roadmap to excellence, to support your vision, mission and strategic objectives for continuous improvement and sustained results.

To analyse your organisation and to help you shape and improve your business, they use proven models and methods such as EFQM, RADAR, TQM, Strategic Planning, ISO9001, ISO14001, CMMi, IDEAL, ITIL, Business Processes Re-engineering, Process Mapping, Change Management, Balanced Scorecard (KPIs, metrics, performance management), Ofman’s Core Quality model, Belbin’s Roles model and SWOT analysis.
Where are you today?
Where do you want to be tomorrow? How will you get there?

Where are you today?

Where do you want to be tomorrow?

How will you get there?

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