Embedded systems development

Advanced technology is playing an important part in your business success. From analysis and architecture to design and code development, as well as for the tests, integration and project management, the highest standard of technological tools and support are vital.


We have the experience, the knowledge and the skills to ensure you work with nothing but the best, most appropriate and most reliable software and hardware solutions. With our combination of technical and managerial know-how, we are able to provide you with the services you need to ensure your business becomes everything you want it to be. And, of course, your success is ours…

Engineering Consultancy
A big part of our multidisciplinary team consists of engineers: talented and skilled people that can work autonomously yet prefer the added value of team work. They love technology, they love challenge.

We develop real-time and embedded software, hardware and systems, communication software, APIs (Application Programming Interface), HMIs (Human-Machine Interface), web applications etc. We master different languages like C, C++, C#, Java, Delphi, Assembler, .NET, WCF, XHTML, XML, SQL, PHP, PLC etc.

We work on different hardware platforms and in different development environments.

Additionally, we have experience with VHDL, FPGAs, ASICs, DSPs and PCBs.

System and software architecture
You want your new/existing systems and software to operate at their full potential? Our Architects have the experience and knowledge needed to detect the strengths and weaknesses of your product structure and to propose improvements that make a noticeable difference.


Project management
If you are looking for a Project Manager to plan and execute your project, to steer and drive and enthuse the team members, to deliver within time and budget and with the agreed functionality and quality, to keep management and customer up to date and to negotiate possible changes in project requirements, we may have your “match”.

Our Project Managers are results driven, communicative, focused yet flexible where needed. They apply proven methods as PMBOK, Prince2 or SCRUM or… your own company PM method.

In addition to Project Managers, Dekimo/QSpin Experts can man your Project Management Office (PMO) too.

Quality strategy, assurance and control
“Nobody wants to pay for 100% perfection, but if you do not deliver the quality your customer does expect…” (Daniel Rossaert, CMMI consultant)

We can help you to define your process and product QA goals and strategy, and help you with its implementation. We can provide Quality Managers to e.g. audit your projects, processes or products or to review your documents. We can help you to write your Code Style Guide or Coding Standard and we can do code reading, in order to catch errors or inefficiencies (or gold plating) in an early stage. Statistical Code Analysis can improve the quality of the code being developed in an automated way, resulting in shorter development and test cycles.

Test strategy, execution and automation
“A system that has not been thoroughly tested is only a paper exercise; it may work or it may not work, but without testing there is no way to know and it might be a ticking time bomb for your business.”

Our experts can help you to define the proper test strategy for your project/product in accordance to your business objectives and risks. They can assist you with unit testing, integration and system test, interface testing, performance testing, (business/user) validation testing etc. We can also define and develop test automation in order to optimize the complete testing cycle and to facilitate in (non) regression testing. Our consultants use TMAP and/or TPI as guide for assessing the maturity of your organization’s test process and to recommend the next improvement steps.

Looking for a generic or for a tailor made training? We can offer such service in most areas of embedded development and process improvement: operating systems, programming languages, development tools and environments, requirements management & requirements engineering, code quality, quality assurance, configuration management, testing or verification & validation, process definition, peer reviews etc. Dedicated solutions for your business objectives!

You could say Dekimo Experts is like a dating agency for technical profiles


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